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Can everybody benefit from CREST HAIR?

Answer: First and foremost, you must have some hair to see results. If you are completely bald or excessively balding in some regions, there will be no hair for the fibers to adhere to and CREST HAIR will not work for you. CREST HAIR can only create the appearance of thicker hair if it has some existing hair to work with.

Question: Can CREST HAIR cause balding?

Answer: CREST HAIR is a product made from natural plant fibers so it will not cause balding. In fact, subjecting your hair to any form of excessive stress may cause hair loss. This includes brushing rigorously when your hair is wet or subjecting it to excessive heat. The application of hair fibers does not harm the hair or scalp and should not cause balding. Using CREST HAIR is a temporary solution to hair thinning problems and you should not sleep with the fiber or any hair product on. Give your scalp some time to rest during the night.

Question: Will the use of CREST HAIR make me dependent on it?

Answer: You may develop a dependency to the product. Some users claim that they won't leave the house without CREST HAIR because it makes them look good.
They feel naked without it; just like a woman leaving the house without any makeup on. Until you find a permanent solution to your hair thinning
CREST HAIR will be the safe and effective solution.

Question: Can CREST HAIR withstand all outdoor activities and weather conditions? 

Answer:  CREST HAIR is safe for most activities except for wet or extreme conditions such as swimming and heavy downpours.

Question: Why is CREST HAIR more expensive than other brands?

Answer: CREST HAIR is a professional salon grade product from Singapore that prides itself on its quality ingredients to deliver an effective and totally natural solution to hair loss. 

Question: Can CREST HAIR help in hair growth?

Answer: CREST HAIR is a hair building fiber product that is a cosmetic enhancement to the hair that you currently have.  CREST HAIR cannot help in hair growth. Any hair thickening and/or volumizing fiber product that promises otherwise (i.e. hair growth) is a scam and should not be trusted.

C. Why you should choose CREST HAIR

  1. With CREST HAIR, your hair will look much fuller and more natural than any other regular hair building fibers
  2. More durable. It can better withstand wind, rain, sweat and abuse. 
  3. No spray glue or hair spray is required to fix fibers to the hair 
  4. Free of animal ingredients, synthetic chemical dyes, fillers and artificial preservatives 
  5. Most importantly, with CREST HAIR, you will have a perfect natural look 


Question: Who can i contact for more information and/or assistance?

Answer: You can email to us at or for assistance and/or more information. Alternatively, you can SMS to us at +65 9773 1968. You can also go to our FaceBook to find interesting information -  //

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